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Indianapolis Rodent Control

Indianapolis rodent control

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Do you have a pest or rodent problem? We don’t just get rid of rodents! We can get rid of any pest problem that you’re having. Indianapolis Rodent Control is a premier exterminator that serves Indianapolis and surrounding communities.  We are humbled to be ranked among the top Indy pest control specialists, and are ready to help you with all your pest control problems. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us immediately.  Indianapolis Rodent Control is dedicated to helping you quickly and easily eliminate your pest and rodent problems.

We are your best choice for pest and rodent control in the Indianapolis area. We offer customized treatment programs for homes of all sizes, schools, industrial and commercial properties (including high rise buildings), and pre-treatment for new construction.

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We use the latest in pest control technology bait and traps for rats and mice, and top of the line pest control management. Our trained and certified Indy pest control technicians will inspect and evaluate your home or building to design a treatment program to fit your needs. No matter the actual pests that have decided to invade your property, Indianapolis Rodent Control will get rid of what’s bugging you!