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We don’t just get rid of rodents! We get rid of any pest problems you may have.

We are a premier exterminator that serves Circle City and the surrounding communities.  We are humbled to be ranked among the top companies in the area, and we’re ready to help you with all your pest problems. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.  We are dedicated to serving you quickly and effectively.

We offer customized treatment programs for homes of all sizes, schools, industrial and commercial properties (including high rise buildings), and pre-treatment for new construction.

We use the latest technology in bait and traps for rats and mice, and top of the line extermination methods and preventative measures. Our trained and certified technicians will inspect and evaluate your house or building to design a treatment program to fit your needs. No matter the actual insect, spider, or rodent that has decided to invade your property, our team of experts will get rid of what’s bugging you!

images of spiders, cockroaches, fleas, rats, mice, earwigs, ants, crickets, gophers, termites, bed bugs

We rid your home of pests like these and more!


Our goal is to provide you with preventative pest services that eliminate unwanted invasions or infestations of insects and vermin. We have realized that most people seek our help to rid their homes of unwanted guests that have somehow found a way in and taken up residence.

We realize that many people don’t take action until the pests are already inside their home. If this happens to you don’t worry, just give our trained experts a call and we’ll be right over to help you out.  However, if you don’t yet have a pest program, it is likely that you will at some point unless you take preventative steps. We specialize in preventing pests from ever coming in contact with your family and entering your house. We will place a protective barrier around you and your home that will keep the invaders out.

Our extermination program focuses mainly on the perimeter and exterior of your home. It includes the monitoring of strategic places inside the home in order to ensure that any insects or vermin that may have made it through our outside preventative barrier can be dealt with before they can multiply and infest.  It’s much easier and more affordable to prevent them from entering your home than it is to try to control them once they’re in. Think about your home as an old-style castle. It was always easier to keep invaders out by constructing a moat with a drawbridge than it was to wait for them to storm the castle doors and then try to get them out.

Not only is prevention more affordable than dealing with an infestation, it’s also safer for your family because you won’t have any unnecessary liquids or sprays in your home.

However, as we said, whether you have a current problem or you want to protect yourself from a future one, we’re your best bet for Pest Control in Indiana. Give us a call at (317) 666-4377 or (317) 759-2255 today and let us prove it to you.

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