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Are the rats or mice getting too comfortable inside your home or business?


These rodents can be a very destructive pest to have, regardless if they invade a residential or commercial property.


Our pest control specialists are able and ready to help.  You will want to take action immediately if you identify or suspect that they have set up residence on your property.  Almost everyone is familiar with their appearance having seen at least one in their lifetime.

The house mouse is a common species that invades Marion County properties. These can range in size but are quite small and have a scaly tail, large ears, small eyes and a pointed nose. The fur color is typically a light grey or brown but can be darker shades.  These mice living in a community of close-proximity homes may spend their entire life inside a building.  For rural or suburban properties they can easily be found outside, as well as inside. They won’t travel very far from their nests so you can’t expect them to move away from your property on their own, especially if they’ve already built a nest.  These little nuisances are excellent climbers, runners, jumpers and even swimmers.  They can’t see all that well but their taste, touch and smell senses are the exact opposite. This is how they’re able to easily invade your kitchen and find all of your food, regardless of where you may have it stored.

Rats and mice will breed quickly, drastically increasing the population on your property.   None of your items are safe when it comes to these little pests.  Luckily our complete extermination solutions can help you get the relief you want.  Our team of rat exterminators is among the best in the area.  They’re educated and highly skilled when it comes to dealing with these and other rodents. Rats can become very destructive if left with free reign of your property.  If you have a business this can quickly shut you down; it just takes one time of droppings being discovered to cause detrimental chaos.

When you call on our experienced pest control technicians for help with mice or rats you can expect nothing but professional services and solutions.  We will perform an inspection to discover any areas where activity is found or evident, and determine just how serious the invasion is. Obviously, the worse it is the longer it may take to achieve complete eradication but it can (and will) be done when you call us!

As mentioned earlier, these rodents will breed very quickly.  Females begin breeding once they are at least 40 days old.  An average litter is 5-6 and gestation only takes up to 18 days. Unfortunately, a female can produce a dozen or more litters every year.  This puts the importance of treating this problem into perspective because the longer they’re left to roam about freely, the more time they have to continue breeding.  These invaders often enter structures in search of the same necessities humans require; food, shelter, and water.  If you’re providing easy access to these resources they’re going to stick around indefinitely.  They do drink water but typically live in a dry habitat. They will gladly eat insects, roots, seeds and plant matter in the wild, but if they find human food they’re going to prefer it over their other options.

rats and mice pest conrols servicesMice and rats are known to store food in or near their nests so it’s not uncommon to find a pile of cereal, pet food or other human food items when rats and mice are living on your property.  Commercial properties are at risk for problems too.  More so those that focus on food or that have a break room with a kitchen.  Our commercial pest control specialists can help you protect your brand and reputation.

Many of these rodents carry and transmit disease and when you consider some of the unsanitary environments they like to visit, it’s easy to understand just how serious a health risk they can be to people. If you leave an issue with these particular pests unattended it’s only going to get worse. They won’t go away on their own…unfortunately.

Common signs of rat and mouse activity include:

Rat Droppings – This is the most common sign of a rat infestation. They are dark brown in color and have a tapered shape; similar to that of a grain of rice. If you come across a pile of rat droppings you can be assured it’s a serious problem that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Scratching Noises – Rats are noisy pests and often heard at night while all is silent and you’re trying to sleep. They are very good climbers and it’s not uncommon to hear scratch-like noises where they’re moving about in the wall or the attic or even in the same room as you.

Nests – An obvious sign of rat activity is stumbling upon one of their nests. Rats will use (by shredding) whatever materials are close by and available to create a comfy nest. This could be cardboard, newspaper, fabric and other items that are soft and ideal for nest-making.

Gnaw or Bite Marks – Rats have to keep their teeth sharp and they do so by chewing plastic and wood. They will also chew on other items and aren’t devoted to just wood and plastic.

Unpleasant Odor – For properties that are experiencing a serious infestation of rats you can expect there to be a foul odor. This is an indication of an infestation and needs to be treated immediately. The odor can be harmful to your health and people shouldn’t be exposed to excess rat droppings or excess rat populations in general.

For Marion County residents the most common places to find rats and/or mouse activity indoors include:

  • Laundry rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Attics
  • Lofts
  • Wall Cavities

If you already have a problem with rats and mice you can still take some steps to prevent it from getting worse, but you’ll still need to address the existing vermin.  Some steps to take when preventing issues include:

Keeping food stored in sealed containers; metal or glass.
Keep the lid on your trash can at all times.
Store trash in metal bins and take it out regularly.
Keep floors and surface areas clean in the kitchen.
Seal up any crevices, cracks or holes allowing mice entry inside your property.

When you’re ready to hire the services of a professional rat or mouse exterminator we encourage you to call our office at (317) 666-4377 or (317) 759-2255.  We can discuss pest exterminating services and answer any questions you have regarding the process, cost or even about mice or rats.  We look forward to helping you obtain and maintain a pest-free property as quickly as possible.

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